Business Development and Operations Manager

Responsible for managing overall day-to-day operations of the restaurant, including hiring, reviewing and employees scheduling.

Executes marketing programs; initiates programs on time, correctly and with minimal directions.

Identifies and develops restaurant marketing strategies to maximize sales, develop adequate numbers of shift leaders to meet the objective of the business plan.

To consistently provide a high quality product and customer service experience that delivers total customer satisfaction.

Ensure a positive customer service experience.

Maximize financial performance and profit.

Respond positively and quickly to customer concerns and corrects potential problems before they affect customers.

Hire high quality people who demonstrate and ensure consistent customer satisfaction.

Continuously improve the skills, knowledge and morale of all employees.

Treats the employees with dignity and respect; creates an environment where the entire team does the same.

Effectively utilize all training programs for new employee orientation.

Uphold company food safety, food handling and sanitation requirements, to ensure the health and safety of our customers and employees.

Ensure business and personnel practices are within the law and consistent with policies and procedures.

Serves as a role model and sets a positive example for the entire team in all aspects of business and personnel management.

Develop and executes the business plan (key elements include: fiscal responsibilities. Manpower planning and local restaurant marketing) for the restaurant.

Achieve results by planning, communicating, delegating and following up.

Follow procedures to maintain the safety and security and security of all employees, customers and company assets (building, cash, equipment, supplies).

You will be responsible for formulating business plans in consultation with management for organisational development, building brand focus in conjunction with operational requirements, short term and long term budgets and developing business plans for the achievement of these goals.

You will have to get the right form of promotions and advertising contacts at reasonable prices.

Key Skills:
This position requires an individual with significant experience in an Operational & Marketing role within Asian Restaurant hospitality industry. The candidate is required to have good communication, organizational and people- management skills. Candidate needs to take decision on time so that profit can be maximized. Always be flexible with time so that Business can benefit on time.