Infor to launch AI supply chain visibility platform


Infor to launch AI supply chain visibility platform

Business software vendor Infor has announced that it will be launching an AI software product that should begin to optimise supply chains worldwide.

Infor is based in New York and is already a well-known name for making this kind of software. The company will be combining two existing products in order to deliver increased capability.

The product, which is called Infor Control Center, will make the most of data from its GT Nexus Commerce Network, alongside its Coleman Artificial Intelligence platform, which was released last year.

By linking up a cloud-based platform that specialises in enterprise, supply chains and management with a software as a service (SaaS) AI platform, Infor hopes that it will be able to gain insight and capitalise on the autonomous nature of AI learning to create independently working supply chain management that should be able to optimise itself.

This should allow for increased insights into what will happen later down the line in each supply chain, and will therefore help companies respond quicker when problems arise as they can be proactive and not have to wait until something breaks down.

Supply chain leaders can now be in more control of meeting extreme customer demand when the datasets are not pointing towards obvious solutions, and reduce resource overload on staff hours.

The AI works by taking into account full end-to-end processes, and then trains itself on what plays out, again and again, to allow it to have a fuller knowledge of every process that can happen within a supply chain, and deliver results even if something unexpected is thrown into the mix.

This allows Infor Control Center to spot stock problems, port slowdowns, and how to best reallocate stock, among other aspects.


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