Brexit Forces Supply Chain Companies To Embrace Mobile Technology


Brexit Forces Supply Chain Companies To Embrace Mobile Technology

CEO of 3T Logistics, Steve Twydell, recently revealed that the “British industry will have to be more flexible to remain competitive”. This was in response to Brexit, which is set to finalise at the end of March 2019. The move will have logistics companies vying for position as border controls tighten and the sheer traffic situation poses a unique threat to this industry. The differentiator here? Technology, according to the experts. Discover how mobile technology can create diversity and growth in the supply chain industry.

Mobile Technology Is An Integral Part Of IoT For Business

A game changer in the supply chain industry is the addition of the Internet of Things. With this technology, business owners are able to follow the entire supply chain and identify any inefficiency from their mobile device. IoT connects every portion of the supply chain from the manufacturing process right up to packaging and distribution. The information fed through from the various sections are then processed according to the unique set of instructions for that particular business. Once processed, reports are generated that will steer the business owner in the right direction. A simplified example of IoT in the supply chain process is as follows:

  1. The order comes in and sales place the order with the factory
  2. Once received, the factory places the item in the production queue
  3. From the product queue, the item makes its way to branding and packaging
  4. Once branded and packaged, it joins the sorting and packing line
  5. This then moves on to the distribution queue where the logistics side of the business kicks in
  6. The driver receives the package and sets off to the client
  7. Once at the client’s door, the client signs off on the package on the driver’s mobile device

Supply Chain Management Is Possible For Smaller Businesses Too

Technology opens up the door for even smaller businesses to take advantage of effective supply chain management. This means those with limited resources can still get all the information they need at their fingertips with a smart device. Supply chain apps are available for the different devices and those who need a tailored solution can request a developer to design their ideal software. How advanced the app needs to be will largely depend on the individual needs of the business.

Mobile Devices Replace The Potential For Human Error

A missed item in a box or even neglecting to tick an item off the stock list can result in a tedious task for management, however, a proper supply chain process will alleviate this dilemma. If the mobile devices are connected at each point of the supply chain, the item will need to be checked off. Not only does it alleviate human error, but also reduces potential theft through multiple stops along the way.

The efficacy of the supply chain is an integral part of business survival for those who have goods that need to reach their clients. By having a finger on the pulse every step of the way, even Brexit won’t have a dire effect on the supply chain.

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